Asbestos Risk Management

Ace Asbestos Consultant has been protecting employees, tenants and families through professional asbestos risk management for over 25 years.

Asbestos materials are not as easy to spot as some people might think. It is not just the common, well known ones that may be present. Inadequate and outdated survey reports, limited knowledge or bad advice from an inexperienced person increases the risk of exposure to airborne fibres.

The main reason for an asbestos survey or audit, followed up with an asbestos risk management plan, is to prevent unnecessary exposure, not to inconvenience employers and building/house owners. With over 3000 asbestos-related deaths each year, the requirement for ACM surveys aims at reducing the number of deaths from preventable exposure. Knowing the location and condition of asbestos in your buildings is a good start. Since 1st January 2012, it is mandatory for an Asbestos Containing Material (ACM) survey report to be obtained when releasing or selling a building to comply with the Work Health and Safety Act 2011. We deliver asbestos reports in Brisbane and other cities to help ensure clients meet this requirement.

An asbestos survey is a visual check of a building, with sampling when necessary, for ACM to establish material content and risk within a property. This enables the building 'duty holder or client of the workplace' to prevent exposure by ensuring that people don't disturb materials and that they stay in a safe condition. 

It is not a requirement to remove all asbestos and therefore there is no reason to panic. In cases of major damage or prior to refurbishment or demolition likely to cause airborne fibre release, removal may be recommended. The survey process consists of gathering the correct information and sometimes undertaking awareness training in order to reduce the risks of exposure from the material with recommendations given in a detailed report. You will be expected to follow any recommendations listed in the report to ensure the safety of the materials and those working in the building.

Domestic Property Asbestos Surveys - Protecting your family and your investment

"If it was my family home or investment property I’d like to know the full extent of asbestos containing materials"

Domestic properties are not as strictly controlled as industrial and commercial buildings, but the same risks remain.

There is not the same legal obligation for asbestos risk management when the regulations do not apply. It is usually down to the individual to manage any risks. 

Importantly for Body Corporate groups, communal areas of units and townhouses do actually come under the new regulations because the area is shared by more than one person and therefore requires an asbestos containing material survey report.

Some forward thinking insurance companies, real-estate agents and mortgage brokers are asking for pre-sale or pre-lease domestic asbestos reports, detailing the amount of material still present in all types of properties.
If you buy a house that contains a significant amount of asbestos, not only may the value of the property be affected by the existence of the materials but the cost of removal may be high. The risk from potentially dangerous material may spoil enjoyment of property ownership and therefore any 'issues' should be addressed at an early stage of the purchase process.

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